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Secrets of the Past: Mother's Diary
Uncover the Secrets of the Past: Mothers Diary in this thrilling story about love, death, treachery, and lies.

Tales of Empire: Rome
Under the protection of the gods lies a proud Roman city! Construct monuments, collect resources and use your match-3 skills to diffuse the war between Jupiter, Juno, Neptune and Mars!

Fatal Passion: Art Prison
An eccentric artist's creations have sprung to life, and they're terrorizing a small town.

Fierce Tales: The Dog's Heart Collector's Edition
Rescue your canine companion, and solve the mystery of Houndspoint!

Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol Collector's Edition
Everyone deserves a second chance – even the stingiest of them all.

Mystery of Shark Island
Unusual shells and sea glass unlock the puzzling past of a lost civilization!

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