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Reincarnations: The Awakening
Help Jane, a fantastic copywriter, explore her past lives and write an award-winning story. Travel through time in Reincarnation!
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Midnight Mysteries: Witches of Abraham
One night the ghost of President Lincoln appears, asking for your help. Can you find the hidden Confederate treasure?
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Destination: Treasure Island
Help Jim find Long John Silver's hidden treasure! Avoid dangerous traps set by the legendary pirate, and discover awesome riches!
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Nightmare Realm: In the End...  Collector
When your daughter, Emily, is taken over by a mysterious force, you must travel to the Nightmare Realm to search for a cure. But nothing could have prepared you for what you find there…
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Easter Eggztravaganza 2
Have a fabulous Easter with Mike, Emma and their classmates in this fun-filled Easter game that the whole family will love.
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Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst Collector
Return once more to the haunted grounds of Ravenhearst Manor to uncover new details about this poignant saga. What you find could very well be the final chapter of this riveting story-if you escape.
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Forbidden Secrets: Alien Town Collector
Investigate strange goings-on in the eerie town of Fort Nightingale!
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The Secret Order: Masked Intent Collector
Someone in the Order has turned traitor, murdering one of the Secret Five! Only Sarah can prevent the Order’s destruction!
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PuppetShow: Destiny Undone Collector
A wonderful story of the citizens of Joyville. Can you change their destiny? You will see – nothing is impossible!
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