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Mystery of the Ancients: Curse of the Black Water Collector's Edition
Uncover Poseidon’s ancient secrets hidden under the town of Black Water!

Enigma Agency: The Case of Shadows Collector's Edition
Track down a missing detective and fight an evil curse!

Nightmares from the Deep: Davy Jones
Escape the cold incarceration of Davy Jones' brig and discover the otherworldly origins of his galleon in this thrilling Hidden Object adventure!

Dreampath: The Two Kingdoms
Your sister, the Queen, has fallen deathly ill. Now you must travel to a faraway kingdom to find the cure.

Twilight Phenomena: The Lodgers of House 13 Collector's Edition
An evil villain is luring people to his beautiful mansion and preparing them for a terrible ritual. Can you keep your head on the shoulders?

Runaway With The Circus
An endearing 1930s love story set around a traveling circus.

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