Download Undiscovered World: The Incan Sun Game

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The Torment of Whitewall
Only one girl has survived the mysterious attacks on Whitewall, but she’s not talking… So they’ve called you in to end the town’s terrible torment!

Hidden Expedition: Titanic
Search for hidden objects as you explore the historic Titanic!

Mystery of Shark Island
Unusual shells and sea glass unlock the puzzling past of a lost civilization!

Unfinished Tales: Illicit Love
After the Raven Queen crashes her wedding, Thumbelina must save her prince to reclaim her happy ending!

Mystic Gallery
Find Hidden Objects on great paintings and train your artistic skills to become the master restorer of a Mystic Gallery!

Dark Alleys: Penumbra Motel Collector's Edition
Rescue a young girl from the Penumbra Motel. Solve puzzles, unravel a long standing mystery of death and disappearances in this heart-pounding adventure game!

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