Download Witches' Legacy: Lair of the Witch Queen Game

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Forgotten Books: The Enchanted Crown Collector's Edition
Your librarian friend wants your help as a journalist – he’s found an ancient book that is still unfinished. Can you save the world in the book before their story ends?

Caveman Physics
Solve puzzles using Caveman Physics! Roll the stone wheel to disrupt your buddy’s balance and teach him a lesson!

Myths of the World: Spirit Wolf Collector's Edition
The wolf spirit still haunts… will you heed its call?

Jennifer Wolf and the Mayan Relics
What would adventure be, without the element of uncertainty? Play as Jennifer as she explores the ruins of the Maya civilization in search of her father.

Margrave: The Blacksmith's Daughter
Embark on a thrilling rescue mission in the Town of the Cyclops!

Munchies' Lunch
Lead your family away from the dangerous Hungries who are invading your forest dwelling and become a hero mom!

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