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Cassandra's Journey: The Fifth Sun
Cassandra finally has her magical ring back, and must now find and banish a mysterious demon that has come to our world!

My Kingdom for the Princess IV
Princesses have a tendency to be kidnapped, and a service for lost royals is in high demand. Start your own Lost Princesses Agency and find your one and only!

Emberwing: Lost Legacy
A dragon has awoken after a hundred years - and it's after your son.

Cathy's Caribbean Club
Turn a small business into a success in Cathy's Caribbean Club!

Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Collector's Edition
Help out James Voodoo as he investigates a mysterious attack and goes on an incredible adventure in Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign!

The Lost Treasures of Alexandria
A new match-3 adventure awaits!

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